#2 Art, politics & spirituality

To me yoga & art feel very similar, as they both have the ability to explore existential questions and they both bring us insights and inspiration. In this second episode I am chatting with photographer & painter Masha Kart. Her modern, fine art style can be described as romanic. Using soft pastal colours that make her photos look like paintings. As I worked with Masha on shoots, as a photo-video team, and known her work for a while, i was very surprised to find out that she was also painting giant, bright-colored geishas and I was very excited to invite her on the podcast. I visited Masha in her home inI biza town where we are exploring her artistic journey, how she started painting, how living in Russia, Tokyo, LA and Ibiza inspires her as an artist. And we also talked about the question if politics should be involved in artworks, especially in times like these.